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Should i have my AP exam rescored?

I took the AP World History exam this year. It resulted in me being scored with a 2, and i personally feel like this is a mistake and i would like my test reexamined. I’ve heard plenty of success stories in this. I’m also wanting it done because someone in our class who did nothing to prepare for the exam passed, while i did not, so i want my test closely looked at.

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  • drip
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    6 months ago

    Your AP score is for possible college credit only. It doesn’t figure into your college application.

    What universities are you apply to? Do they accept AP World History for credits? What score is needed? If a 5 is needed to you think your restored exam will be a score of 5?

    My daughter scored a 5 on her calculus ab/bc exam. She didn't do any studying or prep work outside of what she did for the class. Maybe the other student is intelligent. Or very good at history. Or great at taking exams.

    What is the fee to do rescore? Is it worth it if your restored exam turns out to be a 3. Or what if it is restored at 2 again?

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