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what hell i must do every women rejects me when they know my age 40, that i m still virgin and that i m fat?


i want to be loved but younger women dont want me and i want them

Update 2:

i cant loose weight i dont have frends and i suffer from aspergers syndrom and little skitzoprenia i get angry quicley also because of the abuse that i got when i was chill. my mom says that you dont know what to do if you have a child and dont know what do with wife and etc etc

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  • 7 months ago

    I'm confused as to why every woman is rejecting you, without knowing more about your situation. Are you open to dating women who are your age and also fat or otherwise unhealthy? If so, then my suggestion is that you ask as many friends as possible for their feedback. One or more of them may be able to clue you in as to why you are repelling women, so that you can (if you want to) change that trait. Without knowing you, I can't tell you what that is, but a good friend or even someone who barely knows you may be able to tell you. It might be something physical about you (body odor, poor posture) that is easily fixed if you're open to that. It might also be something emotional; you might be coming across as rude, selfish, creepy, etc., and if your friends can help you to solve this mystery, then you can get help (perhaps from a therapist) with fixing that emotional issue so that you can find the relationship with a woman that you desire.

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