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I fell for my boss. He just got engaged but is trying to make me jealous. What is his problem?

Me and my boss had been crushing on each other for months. Heavy eye contact, constant conversation, him dropping by my room, lingering around, etc. He mentioned so much about his family, dog, etc, but not about a girlfriend. Then one day she's just in the office, and he never even introduces her. We still had a lot of tension, but I chose to create some distance. He recently mentioned he just got engaged. I congratulated him with a smile, but immediately after, he says he always wonders if he'll see me when he passes by this place we once ran into each other. Days later gave him notice because the situation was killing me, as I really liked him. He denied the whole thing and gaslit me, saying he had no idea I liked him. I'm trying to do the right thing by quitting. He gets to go home to his fiance. Why does he have to try and make me jealous on top of it all? In my last few days at work, he continued with the eye contact and everything, standing near me, etc. It's very hurtful.

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    he is just playing with you and trying to keep you on the hook sore of peach, the dude is engage honey just move on find some who is actually emotionally available, don't waste your time he is just playing with your feelings

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    OH GEEZ Move on - you were imagining there was any connection - he is a nice guy and probably liked you personally not romantically but you made up this whole fantasy world revolving around him that did not exist.

    • FoxyOne57 months agoReport

      Don't be that guy. I know when a grown man is coming on to me. What man would say that RIGHT after he mentions getting engaged? How would his fiance feel if she heard him say that? Maybe YOU feel like no one would be interested in YOU.

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