How to capture videos from a mini dv tape?

So I am running into trouble where I am not sure if the product I will be buying will capture the video. I have a sony HDV-1000U Camcorder. The issue is it can only record with mini dv tapes. No we do have mini HD dv tapes now. Which I bought. When I hook the camcorder up to my computer screen it plays. is there a device that allows you capture the video off the tape or even be able to hook your pc up to your camera hdmi by some how splitting the 2 hdmi out ports. so one can display for my screen pc screen and another for my camcorder?

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  • 6 months ago
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    What you need is a "capture device".

    Readily available and affordable,

    but really good ones will cost a Lot more than the basic ones.

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  • 6 months ago

    What you need is a firewire card, not a capture card.

    • Iridflare
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      Sorry, hit submit too early! You can capture via firewire or HDMI, but firewire cards are dirt cheap.

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