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How the heck do I get my 3 kids to sleep in there own beds?

I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 9 year old. Almost every night I wake up they are in the bed with me. It seems like no reward or threat will make them sleep in there own beds all night. I get so annoyed I wake up and go sleep on the couch or I go sleep in they're beds and guess what!!!?? They follow me there as well! I'm pregnant with twins and I don't know how this is going to work. My husband, loves them so much he doesn't care and invites all of em into the bed while I protest.

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    > My husband, loves them so much he doesn't care and invites all of em into the bed while I protest.

    Until you agree on this, you won't make any progress.

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    Looks like the inmates are running the asylum. Learn PARENTS are in charge and set the rules. CHILDREN obey and if not are punished by losing privileges or former rewards. You set the rules and don’t waiver. At bedtime tell them to stay in their beds and if not they can’t (do whatever they like doing) and close/lock your bedroom door. A few days of being stern and they’ll understand you are serious. It’s tough but you’ll be in for a very tough child raising period. Understand you are not your kids buddies and best friends, you are their roll models and teacher.

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    That’s a foolish thing that you and your husband have allowed to happen. And letting your kids make a habit of sleeping in your bed has nothing to do with “loving them so much”. It’s just common sense that you don’t let that get started. Tell them to go to their own beds. If they don’t, take them there and put them there. You have set yourselves up for a lot of misbehavior and tantrums, but you will either let them see that that wont get them back into your bed or you’ll give in and have your children in your bed. Where they DO NOT belong.

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