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Was my card collection from when I was younger worth much?

I've had my pokemon card collection forever it was like the pride and joy of my 10 year old self. Anyways, I was getting curious if it was actually worth anything. I believe it is fair to say that none of them are in perfect mint condition (especially some of the holos theyve had a rough life, poor entei) but a good chunk of them are in rather good condition! The ones all towards the bottom are all holos, it may be a bit hard to see in the photo however! Tbh these all bring back a lot of memories and I probably wont sell them, just curious!

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  • Bob
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    6 months ago
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    The best way to determine how much they are worth is to go to eBay and do a search, when doing so look for the sold items.

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  • Gabe
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    I'll pay you 5 dollars for everything. Does that answer your question?

    • Eva6 months agoReport

      No actually, I looked up some of the cards I have and a couple of them are actually worth a little bit!

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