Is my boyfriend gay?

We have been together for over a year now and we still havent had sex, every time when I suggest it he always says that he isnt ready or ask why I rush? Ehm, how is it rushing after 1 year being together?? Whenever he is with his buddies or men that he just met he automatically starts stroking their shoulders and arms, he is a bit too touchy for a “straight” man. I havent noticed that any of his buddies or other men touch each other like that. He has a slimeball smile when he is with men and when he is with women he is a completely different person, he seems arrogant and a bit jerkish, he calls other women $luts often like a mean jealous biitch which is more typically a female behavior. When we were at a bar once a dude danced with many girls and I said that guy seems populair with the ladies and he said in a serious voice yeah he can get any $lut he wants, all these hoes are so obsessed with him. I was surprised cause he didnt seemed jealous of him but rather of those girls. When we pass a girl on the street thats dressed provocative he says ugh look at that $lut with a annoyed face. Why would I as a woman not mind it but he as a man be bothered by it? What men doesnt like sexy dressed women? He told me when he was drunk once he kissed his best mate on the lips in the toilet, his mate freaked out and asked him bro what are you doing? He chuckled and said he liked it. When I asked him if he was gay he denied it and said he hates gays. Still, i’m suspicious of him.

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