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Puppy with kidney and liver failure?

So I’m an ethical breeder, I test all my dogs and puppies before sending them off to their new homes. I recently had a littler of 8 beautiful Siberian husky pups. All have went to new approved homes. But recently a buyer messaged me about their puppy who has liver and kidney failure.. I had all puppies given age appropriate deworming and vaccines and examined not once but 3 times by my vet before sending them off. The puppy should now be 3 months old and this is what buyer has told me:

Just today. She wasn’t pooping properly. Her poop was liquid since we had gotten her. So we had some tests done. The first one was for worms and she came back negative on that. But did a blood test and she came back positive for liver and or kidney failure.

I then replied that if anything does happen she is entitled to a replacement puppy of similar value.she also has stated:

Well the vet said that they wanna do more tests and examine her more to see if there is a possible alternative to keep her alive and happy. I’m trying to make it through work cause they just dropped the bomb on me during my last break.

I feel like the worst person ever because of this..I wish I would have known about this before sending the puppy off so I could’ve prevented breaking my buyers heart.

What should i do about this? I had both parents tested for diseases such as PRA, CD, DM-WT/WT, I also had their ofa hips and eyes - both scored excellent!

I also must add I require a spay contract to spay before 7 months.

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    I would not be replacing the puppy until you have absolutely conclusive info from a vet indicating that this was a congenital issue. It's FAR more likely that this resulted from something like ingestion of a toxic substance after they took possession of the puppy. Without details as to what the blood tests specifically found, it's also possible that the blood tests results are off not due to liver or kidney failure, but due to dehydration as a result of persistent diarrhea that the new owners did not have promptly treated. There's not a non-specific test that would indicate "liver OR kidney failure", there would be specific results correlating to one, the other, or both.

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    You should give her her money back. Are you a registered, AKC show breeder or just some backyard breeding a$$ from craigslist?

    • What difference does it make what kind of breeder they are, they obviously care about the puppies and the customers. The puppies had a reaction to the vaccine.

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    It happens even if you did all the testing. You sometimes come up with a "bad" puppy genetically. I would wait and see what the vet says and then go from that point as to what you would like to do regarding any guarantees. What do you have in your contract regarding this kind of thing?

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    I understand your being upset, but if no other pups have presented with this issue, maybe the pup got into some type of toxic substance unbeknownst to the owner. Don't beat yourself up, you did all the right things. If the dog dies, you might pay for a necropsy on it to tell for sure what happened. My daughter bought a great dane from a breeder, and a couple of years later another from the same mom. The father was a new dog that the breeder had obtained. Several months later she was notified that a couple of the pups from a subsequent litter had developed digestive problems and that if our dog had developed any issues, that she would replace him. Fortunately he did not.

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    you should ask the owner of the pup you sold to bring the pup to YOUR vet, the doc you used to certify the litter was healthy...along with the pup ask the owner to bring all records of the pups medical history in the month since he left your kennel or home....and of course the name and number of the treating will discuss this with your vet and your doc will then be aware of the pups current health status...and what might be the cause of kidney and liver failure in the pup...there are chemicals and hazards that if ingested that are dangerous...this is for your vet to discuss with the current owners vet and you.

    next, while you and the new owner are at your vets office, you can discuss in person how you might proceed.. if this illness is an unfortunate natural event, if you have a contract the issue is decided, the pup is returned and the price refunded......if the illness is due to the new owners negligence the situation obviously is not your responsibility. ....and the vet bills and any care are not your obligation.....

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    You have done and are doing all you can and more........ even with the best breeding things can happen, that is life. I suggest you speak with your own vet and ask the owner if your vet can speak to their vet and maybe you will get some better knowledge of the true situation with this pup

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    I will only ask about one other thing... did the pup have another recent vaccination and was Lepto 4 used by any chance.

    Or did these owners put something like Hartz flea treatment on the pup as this can cause organ failure

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      Whoever TD's .. start reading up on Lepto 4 if you don't believe me.

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    What should you do LEGALLY? You should ask to see the Vet's records. Right now it's "he said/she said." The Vet is the best person to advise you whether or not to continue breeding your two dogs and/or how to diagnose "this specific problem" earlier.

    After that this is a matter of contract. What does the PURCHASE CONTRACT say in addition to the spay/neuter requirement?

    My story - purchased an AKC GSD. Wonderful dog, guaranteed health. I didn't realize that if the dog had a health issue I was required to return her to the breeder. At about 2 years old she began to limp, and it was severe dysplasia. I notified the breeder so she would know there was a problem in the line. She requested the return of my dog. I refused. The breeder sued me. Her concern? Would the problem in the line become public knowledge? It cost me a LOT in legal fees, but the Judge awarded the dog to me BUT her AKC papers were destroyed and I never told anyone the name of the breeder.

    Contracts can be tricky. I've seen contracts where the health guarantee makes the breeder responsible for congenital issues. What does your contract say?

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      7 MONTHS and I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. I also agree that should puppy not be altered that I will return said puppy back to breeder with no refund.

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    "What should i do about this?" Get more info from the vet and then decide what to do. No one here knows what your purchase and sale agreement says about health, returns, refunds, etc., nor do we know the veterinarian's opinion on likely cause of kidney/liver failure in such a young animal.

    Blood tests do not come back stamped "positive" or "negative" for organ failure. The blood tests show numerical counts of things like BUN, creatinine, ALT, AST, ALP, GGT, which need to be interpreted by the veterinarian. The veterinarian may have an inkling what has caused the problem based on interpreting the lab results. Ultrasound may reveal more information. For example, does the puppy have a liver shunt or did he eat a bottle of ibuprofen?

    Anyways, I doubt a judge would find you liable/negligent based on what you've said. This is probably going to come down to you deciding what your conscience tells you is right. IMO if a congenital problem cannot be ruled out, you are right to offer a refund or replacement puppy.

    Do not expect a veterinarian to anesthetize this dog with multiple organ failure. I suggest you not enforce the part of the contract that requires the puppy to be returned to you if not spayed/neutered (unless of course the customer wants to return it).

    Are you sure it's organ FAILURE? Please talk to the vet.

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    I would ask for copies of the vet results so that you can also consult with your vet as to what might have caused this.

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