Very small, white bugs occasionally found in my apartment?

I sometimes find these small white bugs (no more than a few millimeters) around my apartment. I will find one either while sweeping some dust on the floor, hiding under a roll of paper towels, under my shoes that I keep in my hallway. From what I observe, the "biggest" ones look like a white string with antennas. Does anyone know what it could be or how to get rid of them?

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  • 6 months ago
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    You might google 'silverfish'. They are often found in houses. That's the only bug I can think of that's pale. It might help if you said what part of the world you're in.

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  • C
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    6 months ago

    Google psocids. I'm pretty sure from your description that you'll find a match. Be mindful of the magnification of the photos as to the naked eye they appear whitish and barely there. They're only a real annoyance if they get into your dry goods, otherwise they don't do any harm. They are, however, a bellwether for conditions in your home. They thrive in high humidity and you'll often find them in things that absorb moisture such as piles of magazines and under shoes. If you want the population to go down you need to get the air moving. Put shoes on a shoe rack, store paper things (everything from loo roll to books) off the floor, and not too crammed together if you can help it. Dust frequently, including the tops of books, as dust absorbs moisture giving them a perfect home. If you have lots of psocids don't be surprised if in cleaning you also find a few book scorpions (not really scorpions, they're mite that specialises in psocids).

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  • Gabe
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    6 months ago

    The size of the white bug cannot measure it's heart.

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