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Can I still deploy with a missing DA 4700 form?

I was on profile for a while had a busted ear drum and a concussion, but doctor won’t sign DA 4700 without a hearing test done even though before I was told it was optional by the clinic. But if I get a hearing test done I know I’ll fail it, I can’t hear very well out of my left ear at all.

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    That is up to your commander. He can not make the doctor sign off on the form if the doctor thinks you need a hearing test. I bet the "clinic" was some enlisted guy telling you that. He can not make the doctor sign off either. I doubt your commander will deploy you if there is a question about your profile status. If he were to deploy you and something happened to you they could hang him for having someone who was not cleared. Better get the hearing test. If you fail it then you will have to go from there.

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