Should I wait a little longer?

My Dr. said it was ok to take 2 Tecta/day. I went to the Pharmacy to see if by taking 2 would it impede the absorption of my others meds. The Pharmacist said "very minimally". He then told me that if I were to take the 2 as the Dr.suggested, I'd run out of tablets before the renewal date, & they wouldn't be filled. Also, the prescription says" 1 tab per day as needed". The Pharmacist sent a fax to my Dr. stating I was told it was ok to take the 2, & also what the prescription said. This fax was sent Sat.morning. As of an hour ago, we haven't heard back. I'm thinking perhaps the Dr. doesn't resend faxes until his lunch break when he'd not seeing patients. Do you think I should wait a little longer? If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, should I have the Pharmacist contact the Dr.again? Thanks.


The Dr.'s office isn't open during weekends, so he wouldn't have seen the fax 'til this morning (Monday).

He opens the office at 9am on Mondays, so if he's got patients right away, he likely hasn't looked at whatever faxes he may have.

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago
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    you could try contacting hirn again

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  • wings
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    6 months ago

    I didn't have to contact the Dr. He sent a fax back to the Pharmacy with a new prescription.

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