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Anyone help with my UTI problem? Advice needed please!?

I’ve been to the doctor with intense pain about 3 weeks ago under my right rib and she said it was gallstones however when tested I had blood, protein, glucose in my wee etc and gallstones were ruled out then treated for a UTI. I had a week on antibiotics and last night it was still burning down there and yellow discharge and blood when wiping. Today went back to docs, still blood, glucose and protein in wee. She’s made me really worried, what could it be?

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    Maybe the UTI is caused by a yeast infection or an antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In either case, the next logical step would be culturing the urine to see whats causing the infection.

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  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    There are different bugs that respond to different antibiotics. She should have taken a swab to see which one it was.

    Hopefully you were given a different antibiotic.

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