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Can feminists understand Why men feel the responsibility to protect women?

It isn't because we feel like they are helpless or inferior, it is because most men understand that typically women are born with a disadvantage physically to men. And most men feel a responsibility to not let other men exploit that disadvantage. Hopefully that makes sense.

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    Yea I am a feminist and I do understand the evolutionary drive for men to protect women. It was the case for thousands of years where we adapted so that men protect women, and then women protect children.

    Feminism is not about completely removing all gender roles. Women still (for the most part) innately enjoy feeling protected, and men enjoy doing the protecting. Feminism is merely about not seeing someone as inferior based on their gender. I'm aware that sexism is a bit harder to see here in the US (if you are american), but I lived in the middle east for a number of years and they are very overt about believing women are inferior. In Islam you do not pray or fast when you are on your period, because periods (exclusively a female thing) are seen as "dirty". There are countless other examples but I won't bother listing them. In the US sexism is still there (I will never be convinced that Hillary wasn't elected president on the basis of her gender), but when you are used to it then it becomes the norm and anything spoken against it seems radical.

    Again I just want to reiterate that feminism is merely about not seeing someone as inferior on the basis of their gender. I'm not a moron and I know that generally speaking men are stronger and better at physical activities, and women are more emotionally sensitive and generally better at creative activities, but the point is if a man wants to be a ballet dancer or a woman wants to be a CEO then f*cking let them. I'm very glad to see that feminism has come a long way (especially in western countries) and we see countless examples of men in traditionally female roles and vice-versa, but there is still a ways to go. I see so many times people on yahoo!answers asking "if a woman is dressed nearly naked are you allowed to rape her?" and other cr*p like that. It's a big wish of mine for society to stop seeing women as objects, whose only purpose in life is to be sexy for men.

    Because of feminism (or gender equality, which is the same thing) we now have laws to protect women if they do get assaulted by someone else, but I do still understand the urge for men to want to protect women. Obviously there have always been laws when it came to things like physical assault, but laws to do with rape and sexual assault are actually very recent, and for a long time women were too ashamed to come forward with things like that because of being judged negatively and being made to feel it was their fault. Louis CK the comedian was masturbating in front of women (even when he was married) without their consent, so as a consequence he's been removed from show business, but there are a lot of men very vocal about feeling this is unfair.

    Edit: see DeLayne's answer for more proof. I swear for every one "feminazi" there are a hundred of the male equivalent.

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  • Foofa
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    No rational feminist complains when a man wants to "protect" them. It's just when the method used to "protect" involves limiting the actions and ambitions of women that they get upset.

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  • 7 months ago

    Why would anybody care about protecting those man-haters??? Who's fault is it that women are the weaker gender? Who cares about them! They're always saying they don't need men anyway, so to hell with those hateful b*****s!

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  • 7 months ago

    I hope a feminist will address this question. Meanwhile; I, an anti-feminist, do understand. It makes a lot of sense. There is no connotation of women are stupid women are weak anywhere, this is where feminists make their mistake, they see what isn't there; they imagine what isn't there and hold on to it as truth.

    Physiologically women have thinner skin, tongues, vocal cords; etc than men and there is a reason for this. It does not mean, I as a woman, am stupid, not strong; don't have strengths of my own. We all have our own individual strengths and gifts.

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