Why do online UPS's have more batteries than line interactive UPS's when they are the same capacity?

I have 2 UPS's. One is an online 2KVA UPS, the other is a line interactive 2KVA UPS. The online has 6x 12V 34W batteries and the line interactive has 2x 12V 7AH batteries. They obviously support the time capacity but due to the different technologies, they support different loads and provide different protection standards.

The batteries in the online UPS do not hold their charge anymore and the line interactive has not been used for more than a month so the batteries are still good. Theoretically the batteries can work in either UPS but is there a specific reason the online has six batteries and the other only two?

I opened a faulty 3KVA online UPS and it also has six batteries but each one is 12V 45W.

So I'm curious as to why there are more batteries in the one than the other when they are both from the same generation, same manufacturer and both have the same capacity?

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  • Shadow
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    1 year ago

    I found the answer. The UPS is looking for 6 batteries. Even if the two batteries or four batteries or six batteries are used and they all add up to the same capacity, the UPS somehow knows that it's missing batteries and displays an error. I found this out when moving batteries from an Online Rackmount 2KVA UPS of the same generation and manufacturer to the tower 2KVA UPS. There were only 4 batteries in the Rackmount UPS and they would not work alone in the tower UPS until I added two more batteries. After doing so, all worked 100%. I tried the same thing with the two batteries and the same error appeared even though the rated capacity and details on the sets of batteries all worked out to the same capacity.

  • 2 years ago

    they have the same stored energy capacity

    the model you picked (6x 12V 34W ) just has 6 small batteries to equal the 2 large batteries in the other model.

    its not all online or all interactive

    it is just the two specific models you have picked.

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