DVD Software Disc that came with my Samsung VM8000 Series Notebook laptop.?

I have inherited a Samsung VM8000 Series Laptop running Windows ME. In the instruction Booklet, I have the System Recovery CD and another system restore CD. The booket also states there should be a 'DVD System CD and the DVD System Manual. Both are unfortunately missing. Would anyone know the significance of this disc. Is it just going to be a DVD burning programme? Or a particular dvd disc for this laptop running Windows ME? If anyone has any history of this laptops packages that it came with, I'd be most greatful. My only idea is it could be a old version of the DVD burning programme, 'Roxio' as this is on the system, but I could be wrong about this.

Thank you.

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  • 7 months ago

    in general the images of the disks should be on the pc somewhere usually available from the START menu or from the Control panel. Then you would burn copies of them yourslef. In most cases this is a ONE TIME ONLY feature so if its already been done they may be gone.. If you can start your recovery partition the option may still be there to do that. Also you could LIST the contents of the whole drive, including hidden files and sort by file size to quickly find possible images. Your manual will tell you how to create recovery media and is available on google docs.

    • ASH7 months agoReport

      Hi. Thanks for that. It's been around 10 years since the laptop was last used. All I've noticed so far is that the system restore partition can't be accessed for some unknown reason. So where would I find possible image of the DVD software disc? Found original pc box. Did not contain dvd disc/book.

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  • Shadow
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    7 months ago

    The disc is the factory recovery of the specific laptop. In those days, the HDD's were too small and the technology unavailable to consumers to store a recovery partition on the HDD itself like they are stored nowadays so if you needed to recover your laptop or restore to factory defaults, recovery DVD's were provided with the specific laptop for this process.

    Nowadays the recovery software is on a partition of the HDD inside the laptop so DVD's are no longer required.

    These discs also had the drivers for the specific hardware and additional, recommended applications.

    The discs should not be required and might be burnable from within the laptops OS if you no longer have them.

    • ASH7 months agoReport

      Hi. Thanks for the reply. I do still have 2 original discs as stated for the factory reset options. My instruction booklet also says a DVD software CD and manual are involved so didn't know if you knew what that DVD Software CD was particularly for. Dvd burning software supplied? Or for Windows ME?

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