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About the tie breaker at 12 all at Wimbledon, would the score have read 13 - 11?


Like they decided to play till 12 all and then have a tie breaker. So in regulation time, a player would have to be ahead two games to win, that would be 12-10 or 13-11, right?

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    The finals score, Feds vs Djokovic was 12 (Federer) - 13 (Djokovic) ... 7 - 3 tiebreak points, sadly for Fed fans. But he should have had the match earlier, but couldn't close it out. A normal tie-break would be 7 - 6 with the actual tie-break tally shown in smaller figures. First one to reach 7 tie-break points, with 2 points between.

  • Bob
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    5 months ago

    No it should read 13-12 because they both won 12 games in the 5th and final set,and then after it was 12-12 they played the tiebreak, and Dojokovic won it.

  • Chuck
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    5 months ago

    No, they both won 12 games before the tiebreaker was played. 13-12 is correct.

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