I'm trying to go back to college...?

However, I can't really afford it. I make enough to support myself, and my parents make ~100k/year. As such, FAFSA says I don't need much in the way of loans. But the thing is, my parents won't help me pay for the rest of college. (I have my Associates of Science, they helped with that)

Would it be better to take classes entirely online, only go at night(after work), but full time, or go only part time? I currently have about 86 credit hours, but have no idea what to do with them.

I still have about a year and a half before FAFSA stops expecting my families assistance with tuition, and obviously I don't want to rack up the loans, I'd much rather be able to pay out of pocket/get scholarships, but I need advice. Please?


I have my associates degree, plus one semester at Texas A&M. I ended up dropping out because after 90 credit hours, you apparently can't switch your major, and I was working full time, failing 2/4 classes the semester I dropped out (my second one there), was not in a major that I enjoyed, and that semester would have pushed me over 90 credit hours, making it so I couldn't change majors.

When I tried to switch majors before making the decision to drop out, I was told that I couldn't, but not why

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  • di
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    6 months ago

    Figure out WHAT you want to do, THEN you can sit determine the HOW, WHERE & WHEN. Keep in mind that on-line coursework is NOT necessarily less expensive than your local college/university.

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  • 6 months ago

    No this time that,s no wise, pay you later... thinkable,s and hard. So don,t try a coll.

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  • 6 months ago

    Why have you not declared a major and even a minor??? You need to talk to a counselor in a subject that you are interested in. Then, the counselor will go through a plan ( I forgot what they call it) so that you can apply the credits to the plan.

    As far as paying for college, there is financial aid of all sorts and there are scholarships and short term loans ( for that semester) that are available. Look into GRANTS. You do not have to pay back grants.

    If you take out a loan - it will hang over your head until it is paid off!!!!! Even if you ever declare bankruptcy, it will still have to be paid off - they will NOT included an will affect your credit.

    I would talk to financial aid and see what they say.

    As far as taking classes, take a couple either online or after work. That way you can still work to support yourself and get college credits too. Good luck.

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