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why and how true that many Serbians look to be partially Turkish, ? but they claim to be Orthodox Christians & hate Muslims?

what is the historical relationship between Serbians and Turkish Muslims? are many people in Serbia in fact mixed with Muslims? have Muslim ancestry? for example even Slobodan Milosovic looked partially Turkish , didn't he?

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    What do you mean, "claim" to be Orthodox Christians, and "claim" to hate Muslims? They *are* Orthodox Christians, and they *do* hate Muslims - although, as in many such situations, the hatred is not so much religious as tribal; they hate the Other Lot mainly for being the Other Lot, not for their religion as such. And no, Milosevic didn t "look Turkish" in the least; his is a very typical Balkan Slav face. (He rather resembled Tito.) If anything it is the other way about; during the centuries that the Turks dominated the Balkans they carried off so many Slav women and children to Turkey as slaves and janissaries that a great many Turks look distinctly Slav.

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      Milosovic looks slightly like Stalin (who was Georgian, but those people are Turkish people mostly I think)

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    Will you for the love of heaven stop saying that certain groups look like certain other groups when there is no resemblance, and seem to imply that they are trying to put one over on everyone else by claiming to be what they are not.

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    Why don't you look at a map? It's not as if Serbians lived in Alaska and Turks in Madagascar..

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    There's a movie called Legend of Khan. It shows how the Turks went and settled in the Balkans.

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    All of you humans look alike to me.

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