In desperate need of a new pair of headphones! Any recommendations?

Budget - Up to 350 USD.

Source/Amp - Phone(3.5 mm to usb-c dongle)/Computer. Can be wireless.

How the gear will be used - Mostly on the go (bus, streets, sometimes in the classroom).

Preferred tonal balance - I listen mostly to Metal...the occasional Rap and sometimes Pop. I heard that I should use a V-shaped balance, but if anyone has any better recommendations they would be appreciated.

Past gear experience - I own the Jabra Elite 65t's for workout purposes, and have used the Bluedio T-series headphones in the past.

As a general note, I'm looking for a closed back pair, seeing as I use them on the go and in loud environments. I don't necessarily need active noise isolation, but it needs to be really sound-tight. I've been looking at the Sony wh-1000mx3 and the AudioTechnicha ath-mx50. If you have any better recommendations I would love to hear them.

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