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Why Do So Many Shounen Characters Have a Dark/Evil Side? (SPOILER WARNING!!!)?

Ichigo from Bleach turns into a Hollow whenever he is in desperate need of saving or someone he loves is hurt. Naruto also turns into the 9 tailed fox whenever he's pissed off. Other shounen titles such as Seven Deadly Sins, Hunter x Hunter, Twin Star Exorcists, Highschool DxD, Black Clover, etc etc all share this cliche.

While not ALL shounen anime share this cliche (Hitman Reborn, MHA, OP, AssClass, FMA, etc) a handful of them do. So, yeah! I was just wondering why it is that this is cliche is so popular and used a lot in battle shounen anime.

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    1. SDS - Meliodas IS a demon. It'd be weird if he didn't have a dark side when he loses control.

    2. HS DxD - Issei's Boosted Gear is full of negative thoughts. That's why he went Juggarnaut Drive ONCE. That's not really dark or evil. Also, it's not shounen.

    3. BC - Asta has a 5 leaf Grimoire that has a demon inside it. However, he has NEVER had a dark/evil side. Anti-magic is just black. He never had a Naruto moment where it took over him.

    As for why, it's just due to their characters traits. Each one that has that has some reason for it.

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