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What is required to board a bus as a wheelchair-bound person in Adelaide, South Australia?

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    A wheelchair YOU can get onto the bus and being secured in the set aside place.--

    If you require a ramp to board, you may request this. Please note that you must be independently able to board or travelling with a companion who can assist you.

    Trams platforms have a boarding patch (indicated by a large painted white-on-blue International Symbol for Access) where you should wait for assistance when the tram is due from the driver or Passenger Service Assistant (PSA). These boarding points are located at the point where the first door of the leading car will stop.

    Suggest you contact Adelaide Metro and be HONEST in what you are capable of doing yourself and what you need assistance with. They cannot guess and The Bus/Tram Driver is not a medical expert on everything.

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    READ up for things that may be available for your situation.

    InfoLine on 1300 311 108 open 7 days, 7am-8pm.

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  • Anonymous
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    Too many fat lazy kvnts driving around in a wheelchair that looks like a car.

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  • Pearl
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    probably nothing, they have wheelchair lifts on buses so you can get on that way

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