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Will additional insulation in the attic help reduce the electric bill?


Many years ago I did and it did not help. Five or ten years ago a friend of mine had the same experience and he too did not save any money.

Update 2:

is insulation better now and possibly it may help reduce the electric bill?

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    Just as important as insulation is Air Sealing. This is usually not done by many contractors and definitely not done when homeowners add the insulation themselves. People don't know how/where to do it or just don't believe in it for some silly reason. It's all about "missed opportunities" when it comes to saving energy in a home. If you aren't sealing things up properly and just dumping insulation around, you are missing opportunities to make the home tighter/more energy efficient.. If the home is a pre WWII home it is quite possibly very leaky and air sealing could potentially benefit a bunch. Newer homes are built fairly tight. If it's somewhere in between, it may or may not have room to benefit from air sealing. Look up a Blower Door Test online and get a feel for what it can do. Possibly check into having one of those tests done. Air Sealing is like the cousin to insulation, and in my opinion, just as important if not more important.

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    There is no such thing as too much insulation in the attic. But you need to take in consideration whether or not the windows and doors in the house are weather stripped properly as well to keep the unwanted air out. Attic insulation only works if the house is not drafty.

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    insulation betw joists. on the attic floor,plus vents at both ends of the crawl

    space,,or bendover/walk space..inside the house,mount a window AC unit on the shadow side,if you can.and leave a cracked open window at the ceiling,to vent heat out.

    duct tape aluminum foil to cleaned window glass & frame where sun heats them up in daytime.

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    You would be better off venting your attic or putting a fan up there to pull hot air out

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    Only if you are using electricity to heat your house. You do need to be careful with insulation and you should take a 'whole house' approach. No good insulating one element if you have draughty windows for example.

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    if you are using electric heating then yes a builder with over 50 years experience in the uk it should be 11" deep ..using fibreglass type ..remember you ONLY want to insulate the ceilings want to keep heat in house ..the insulation should only extend to wall plates..never out to the rafters want plenty of air circulating in the loft ..stops condensation

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    It might................. anytime you seal up heat or cool air being leaked from the house it contributes to how your a.c. or funarce runs and thus determines how you can save on your electric bill

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    MAYBE. You left out EVERYTHING that impacts the effect of adding insulation.

    1. How much insulation is already in the attic?

    2. How much insulation is in the WALLS. If you put the lid of a cooler on a paper bag, further insulation of the lid won't help.

    3. What is powered by electricity that would be effected by heat transfer?

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    It depends on what you use the electricity for. If your home has electric heating it will, but it won't do anything about running a tumble dryer. When it comes to the A/C it depends on the whole house and it's position. If you're surrounded by tall trees it won't make any difference, nor will it make much difference if large, unshaded windows are exposed to full sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.

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