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Christians, how can you accept a body of claims based on just one source (the bible) without anything else to back it up?

I tried to entertain the notion of Christianity being true, even from a liberal / progressive but logic leads me to determine I really am an agnostic atheist after all.

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    Does archaeology support the Bible record?

    An article published in Biblical Archaeology Review stated that

    the existence of at least 50 individuals mentioned in the He-

    brew Scriptures can now be confirmed by the findings of ar-


    Among these are 14 kings of Judah and Israel, in-

    cluding such well-known figures as David and Hezekiah, and

    the lesser-known Menahem and Pekah.

    The list also includes

    5 Pharaohs and 19 kings of Assyria, Babylonia, Moab, Persia,

    and Syria.

    Monarchs are not the only ones to appear in both the

    Biblical and archaeological record, however. So do lesser fig-

    ures, such as high priests, a scribe, and other officials.

    For all those individuals, there is a substantial amount of

    scholarly agreement for a firm identification, states the article.

    Of course, the Christian Greek Scriptures refer to many other

    historical figures, and there is archaeological evidence to sup-

    port a number of them as well such as Herod, Pontius Pilate,

    Tiberius, Caiaphas, and Sergius Paulus. ˇ

    An archaeological dig now in its 20th year has uncovered the entrance gate to Gath, the ancient Biblical city of the Philistines and onetime home of the giant Goliath.

    Before the king of Damascus destroyed it in 830 BCE, Gath was the largest city in the land for hundreds of years, reports the Jerusalem Post.

    The Bible refers to the massive city gate itself, in the story of David's escape from King Saul to the king of Gath.

    In addition to the city gate, scientists have also unearthed an impressive fortification wall, several buildings that include a temple and iron production facility, and what the Post calls the earliest decipherable Philistine inscription ever found which contains two names similar to Goliath.

    After finding a huge fortification, it’s clearly the most important city of the 10th and ninth centuries, says the archaeologist in charge of the dig,

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    Check ancient history along with archaeology.

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    It has to be either self-hypnosis cause by praying, or reading the bible and believing the stories in which case a certain lack in common sense is needed.

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    The Christian faith is not based on the Bible. The Church Jesus Christ founded, which He said was to remain one, to which He promised the fullness of God's truth, existed and taught the fullness of truth for three and a half centuries before it decided to gather some of its writings into a book for easy reference. The book is a product of the Church. The Church and its teachings are not a product of the book.

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    I sort of liked what @David at Your Service had to say. The reason is because the hoax has been duplicated many times with cults willing to give up their lives over delusional beliefs. People have created similar stories long before the Jesus story came about. It is also interesting that the New Testament writers give clear evidence of reverse engineering Jesus based on what the Septuagint (Greek translated OT) had to say about the future Messiah, where had one of the OT writers claimed the future Messiah would have red, puffy clown hair, the NT writers would have given Jesus clown hair. One example is comparing verses around Matthew 1:23 with verses around Isaiah 7:14, where we know Matthew used Isaiah as a supposed prophecy for the future Jesus, even using the same name "Immanuel" to refer to Jesus. Yet when we read Isaiah 7 and 8, the child is meant as a "sign" for his king Ahaz (700 years before the supposed birth of Christ), where Isaiah claims that "all" of his children are "signs" for his country. Matthew clearly relied on the OT for this part of his story and there are many, many other such examples of this reverse engineering. I don't like saying make a "logical" case because christians do sometimes make a logical case based on how they see things, which has "reasonable" flaws. Logic is sort of like a calculator, where if you are not sure if you put in the right information, it still spits out an answer (incorrect answer). This is sort of where christians make their mistake, they believe they put in correct information which should logically conclude that their answer is also correct. Skeptics point out the flaws of the information going in, so by default, even if the logic is perfect, the conclusion will also be incorrect. A final note, the bible is a collection of books from a collection of writers, so christians don't see the bible as "one" source, they see it as multiple sources that they believe are in alignment with each other (which they are not) and can't seem to realize why they really fail to be supportive evidence, where in my case and may yours, quite the opposite. There is also irrationality at play where they simply refuse to accept any criticism of the bible that can clearly be demonstrated.

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    Logic insists you repent.

    Refusal of repentance is self condemnation in the eyes of all.

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    Logic led me to believe the Bible is the word of God.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Church Christian
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    The Bible is not a singular resource. The volume is a compilation of 66 individual books, penned by 40 different scribes. The texts compiled were written over a period of some 1,500 years +or-. And in spite of these things, major themes remain consistent throughout. (BTW, "agnostic/atheist is an impossible oxymoron. A person is one, or the other, not both.)

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    How can one accept your claim?

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    Because God proved his existence to me first and then I read the bible.

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