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If I am shipping several house hold items, long distance . Should I use large plastic storage containers?

I have several clothing items which I am trying to ship from one state to another.

I also have house hold items : Wall art , decorations , knick knacks and glass figurines , collectibles .

A bicycle , flat screen tv and a desktop computer.

Can most of these items be shipped inside plastic storage containers?

I have in the past , had issues with cardboard boxes breaking apart during transit , and then some of my items were either damaged or missing .

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  • elhigh
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    Most plastic storage containers you can purchase at department stores are actually pretty brittle - they crack easily. Next thing you know your box has split wide open, all your junk is all over the sorting center and getting run over by forklifts.

    Heavy duty cardboard is the way to go.

    You want to add a few layers of protection to that TV.

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    Have you checked with the shipper? (I think Kaz may be on the right track here.)

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    Cardboard boxes is the way to go

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    Cardboard boxes are better. Plastic containers can be brittle and crack if dropped. Tape doesn't stick all that well to most of them, so it's hard to secure the lids sufficiently. Not all of them stack well, even on each other, never mind on other containers. If the cardboard boxes you used previously broke apart, then they weren't heavy duty enough for what was in them, or you didn't close and tape them properly, or the movers were unbelievably careless. The last one can be insured against.

    Source(s): I've packed, shipped, and stored thousands of cardboard boxes
  • Kaz
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    I've shipped a lot of stuff long distance, and never used storage bins. I went to the UPS store and got boxes appropriate to the size of the item I was shipping. Never had any problem and they arrived without incident. (Anything breakable I put inside a plastic bag surrounded by bubble wrap or clothes - if I was shipping any). I've even shipped paintings (which I insured), but they arrived just fine too.

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    i dont see why not

  • Anonymous
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    I used cheap plastic containers for a very short move and all the lids cracked from being stacked on top of each other. Maybe if they were thick and sturdy it might work. You could call removalist depots and ask them, they'd know the better option.

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