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Why does Pennsylvania public Universities expensive and do not give much financial aid?


After financial aid here are my cost for first year:

Penn State Main, dorming: $20,000

Temple University, commuting: $10,000 (with merit scholarship)

My private schools costs less

Boston College, dorming: $7,000

Villanova, dorming: $13,000

College of Holy Cross, dorming: $10,000

I chose to attend Villanova because my parents wanted me to stay close by, but I wanted to attend Boston College because it was the best and cheapest school I was admitted.

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    Public Schools (nationwide) have their tuition and basic fees set by the state (in one form or another). The cost of housing varies according to how much housing is actually available, the type of housing, the age and energy efficiency of that housing, etc., etc. All schools start a financial aid package with the federal and state aid a student is eligible for - then the school will proceed to try to meet a student's cost with institutional and private scholarships and grants that the student is eligible for. Costs vary at schools - just like everything else.

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