Why can't Republicans see that Trump's raids are a trick designed to make them angry and forget the camps?

Update: Trump is not actually trying to round up illegal immigrants and he has tricked his supporters into thinking the opposite. Trump's immigration raids have one purpose. He wants republicans to see liberals on the TV news getting upset about illegal immigrants being deported.
Update 2: He does not care if even one illegal immigrant is actually apprehended or deported. He wants to divert christian republicans attention away from the horrific immoral camps he's running and instead wants Republicans to become angry at liberals on TV who are speaking out against deportations.
Update 3: Think about it. If Trump really wanted to deport a bunch of illegal immigrants with raids, he would (1) not announce it in advance, to ensure surprise. (2) perform the raids in places like Arizona and Texas and Kentucky instead of california an new york,
Update 4: If he did the raids in red states the citizens and government would ACTUALLY HELP HIM and he would be removing immigrants FROM THEIR CITIES SO THEY COULD BE "Safe" Instead the millions of illegals in red states will still be walking the streets after Trump's raid and his supporters will THANK HIM FOR IT.
Update 5: Amazing how many of Trump's supporters now believe that there are no illegal immigrants who have defied removal orders in Arizona, Texas and Utah. You guys have really drank the cool-aid.
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