How Have Science Measured The Distanced Between Earth And The Moon.?

Update: Peter Gore Seer,
Science Can Measure Huge Distance But The Figures Can Not Be Challenged, Or Can They,
Update 2: The Speed Of Light How Is It Measured, Aliens Dont Measure The Speed, Its Relivent, Time In Light Speed Is More Relevent, Or Not
Update 3: A Known Fact Our Time Comes From The Movments Of Planets, ALIENS Live In A Different Part Of The Universe, So Assuming They Use There Planets As Time And Movement, Which Is Far Different, Fascinating.
Update 4: Perhaps They Live Far Longer Than Humans.
Update 5: I Am Still Fascinated By The Measurement Of The Temps?Radiation Recorded Which Is Out There The Big Bang And Stars Colliding, Must Be Creating Nuclear Energy In Mass Since The Begging Of Time, Is Science Saying These Waves Have Not Reach Us Yet But Are Coming.
Update 6: Ho Dear I Am Banned From Commenting On Moon Landings, I Know For Fact That The CIA Jumped Down Quick On Those People Who Spotted Fake Pictures, And Made Life Very Difficult For Them. And Tried Accusing Them Of Making A Conspiracy, They Were American Threw And Threw,
Update 7: SABIANS Worked Out The Distancies Of The Planet's, But Miles Were Not Used , Thats Clever
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