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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 11 months ago

Would you rather John Morrison go to WWE, AEW, or other?

BQ1- Who are some wrestlers you would like to see him go against, in either company?

BQ2- Over the years John Hennigan has had different names, who do you think was the most talented to least talented: Johnny Impact, John Morrison, Johnny Mundo, or Johnny Nitro?

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  • Candle
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    11 months ago
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    Other, if not for the simple reason I don't know where he should land at this time. Neither AEW or WWE feel all that beneficial to his career considering how both are booked. He's not a big enough name to break out of the pack in WWE, except perhaps within the confines of NXT or 205 Live, but even then WWE has a tendency to punish their past failures. Look no further than the state of Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and EC3's careers to see what I mean by that. It doesn't matter if you go away and find yourself and become a better performer it seems. It's like they don't want to be proven wrong in how they handled you so poorly before, so they make you small potatoes when you come back.

    While AEW could use some variety in the mix already, adding another flippy pretty boy who does superkicks doesn't feel like a mold breaker. I wouldn't mind seeing him go up against the likes of Hangman Page, MJF, or even Cody, but I don't know how big his star would shine in the dubiously close to being nepotistic landscape that is AEW.

    There are a few other options that I think are worth exploring though. He's pretty hot in Mexico, once holding most of AAA's major men's titles. I don't know if the fallout between he, his wife, and Vampiro hurt his chances of being booked in AAA, but there are plenty of other places in Mexico to be booked where I think he'd earn some money. Crash, CMLL, and I hear Alberto Del Rio's trying a promotion out too. It could be fly-by-night with ADR, but it could still be a quick buck. MLW seems to have some tie to Mexico as well, and Mundo could easily fit the bill as a big name in MLW. Japan might even be worth checking out. I could see him fitting in well with Dragon Gate considering their current love affair with PAC, and maybe even making the Junior Heavyweight division in New Japan something to talk about again. He wouldn't be a far fetched name to throw into the Bullet Club ranks either, especially considering the major hit to star power they took with the exodus of the Elite. Would he fill the boots of guys like the Bucks, Omega, or Cody? probably not, but he'd definitely be a bigger star than what they currently have.

    BQ2- My choice is the often forgotten about Johnny Spade as least talented. Back then he was just a coffee gofer for Eric Bischoff. I don't even know if he wrestled. After that it's probably Nitro. He was a great tag worker, but again, some of the tenure he spent with that name was him getting coffee for Eric Bischoff. After that I'll say Impact. He tried a bit too hard in his early run with TNA. The 450 elbow never quite looked crisp. After that I'd say Morrison. I think Morrison is where he found himself as a singles star and a character. I don't think WWE knew exactly what to do with his strange, and admittedly still raw, rock star charisma. For me, for some reason, his moves back then looked a little more snug and better executed. The penultimate Johnny is Johnny Mundo for me though. He had some of his best career matches in Lucha Underground, realized his character to it's fullest cornball potential, looked like a million bucks, and finally kind of broke away from that post-WWE stigma of being a reject. Lucha Underground gave him all of the tools and opportunities to look like a star, and Mundo exploited those opportunities to their fullest.

    • Spyro11 months agoReport

      Thanks, Candle. Well said. I think he would do great in NJPW or DragonGate, with his style. I would like to see him vs. Pac. I also think Mundo was his best, overall. He seemed to have the best matches there, like you said, and looked awesome.

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  • 2 months ago

    AEW for sure. We need variety in professional wrestling

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  • 11 months ago

    he should go to ROH, and wrestle guys like Flip Gordon, Bandido and Rush.

    Johnny mundo>John Morrison>Johnny Impact>Johnny Nitro

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