Offering website development for free just for experience. Is it advisable?

I'm a Computer Science grad and attended a 3-month web dev bootcamp. I want to build a strong portfolio to show to my first employer.

Should I find a client and offer a free small website? Or should I just make my own projects? It's just for experience and I'd like to add it to my resume and portfolio.

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    6 months ago
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    If everyone did that IT will end up the same way as photography. Now everyone expects free Photography and tells photographers that the Exposure will be good for them. Everyone will expect a free website for the exposure of being able to add it to your portfolio.

    You can make your own project for different types of websites. You can program some simple games, or use a website to describe a hobby.

    Do some work for small local charities and clubs. Do cheap websites for small companies.

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  • 6 months ago


    Well, You could do that but like they said above, You'd be giving away 4 years of training at a VERY high tuition cost You already spent.

    There IS a way however to actually impress a potential employer WITHOUT giving away services they might actually be selling.

    You can pick up a used cheap laptop or netbook, install a webserver OS on it (Because You have the CS degree also), & then create a few hundred websites on it - complete with Your own customized scripts in any languages You know (Java, JS, Python, etc.) that can be carried with You to a job interview to access by the employer directly. You can decide which sites they look at during the interview that showcases Your abilties relating to their questions directly on the hardware.

    You can also accomplish pretty much the same thing simply by running an old desktop on Your home internet for the same thing & simply carrying a cheap tablet with a good size screen (a 10" tablet runs about $90US these days) that they can use to access Your personal server - again, by whatever they ask You during the interview & with their company's WiFi.

    If You're going to do something for free, remember that whoever You do it for couldn't do it themselves in the first place, & if they have to fix it, guess who they call first - still expecting the fixes for free.


    • Just Wondering0001
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      6 months agoReport

      EPF : If You use the portable server, You can use Your resume as the top-level page, with active links to the pages showing the best current examples of each listed skillset.


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  • 6 months ago

    Don't give away your talent for free except for church or charity, and don't let anyone talk you into doing it for "exposure". Do create your own projects to build up your skills; you have some crazy ideas that need to get out.

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  • Mark
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    6 months ago

    Why not do both? Personal to show that side of things; professional/business for its own reasons. Maybe pick a small charity organisation and offer to make one for them - or even a mock-up if they already have a website (which means their designer is probably under contract).

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  • no it isn't good

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