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Should US laws get modernized to address time travelers? Is a time traveller an illegal alien? Will democrats conspire to open a time portal?

Will they try to flood our time with illegal time travelers. Assume employers preferred to hire time travelers for their advanced skills. What current people will do to compete with someone who knows the future?

Should the US wait until it gets flooded with illegal time travelers from the future taking our jobs and burdening our social services? Will the democrats open a time portal to flood the US with time travelers while republicans try hardly to close the time portal?

Will time travelers fail to assimilate to the present time and try to force the future on us?

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    Honestly I'm sick of conservatives sending back killer androids to take jobs from unions.

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    If they have already been born, then they are legal citizens. But if they have not been born or are from a future where the US has dissolved, then they should be interned and then returned to their own time. The ONLY exception should be if the person can show documentation that they need to be here because they're their own grandfather.

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