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Do I need to add chemicals to my fish tank?

I currently have a yellow goldfish, a small bubble eye goldfish, a small oranda and a very small algae eating shark. I have a good sized tank for the 4 of them. However, I am really struggling to keep the tank clean, I clean the filter every 2-3 weeks and the shark is supposed to eat the algae off the rocks (he doesn't) and I have a water plant that should help keep the tank clean. The water is still going green very quickly (3 weeks max) and I need to remove my fish to put in fresh water. Every time I put in new water I must wait 24 hours for the chemicals to settle before i can put the fish back in. Is there any way I can fix this problem as I fear my fish are going to die due to being taken out of their tank and kept in a bowl of still water for 24 hours at least once a month.

Thank you for anyone who can help! It will be greatly appreciated!

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    4 goldfish need no less then a 60 gallon tank.

    Algea eating shark? is it a Siamese algae eater? They are well known to stop eating algae and start eating the slime coat of the sides of fish. They dont belong in a tropical tank with goldfish.

    Any fish that eats algae will poo algae fertilizer. removing algae is only ever going to be a temporary fix equal to mowing your lawn. You have to find out why you have algae. many times the algae is the only way to know that things are not right in the tank.

    brown algae - your tank may not be cycled.

    other algae, -

    you are likely over feeding, it is VERY easy to do , we all do it sometimes.

    You may be over stocked or under filtered.

    You may need to clean more, gravel vacuum more, remove all or most of the gravel so that detritus gets suck into the filter instead of settling into the substrate.

    Tank lights should not be on more then 8 hours,

    you may want to look for different lighting that doesnt support plant growth such as aquaglow bulbs.

    Chemicles to kill plants hurt fish and should never be used!, Algae is a healthy even helpfull live plant!

    NEVER remove fish from the tank! water conditioner works instantly! Use Gravel vacuum to change 25-40% of the water while sifting threw the substrate. Add the declorinater before OR WHILE ADDING NEW WATER. DO NOT REMOVE THE FISH, every time you touch, or the net touches a fish they lose slime coating "fish immune system" You can add a product like Prime Stress gourd, but It may not help completely. Every time you remove those fish you are adding them to a brand new environment that they have to get use to, it is VERY stressfull and you are lucky that they are still ok,

    Get a digital thermometer to watch the temp when adding new water, or let the water sit out for 24 hours in jugs. BUT DONT REMOVE THE FISH!

    Dont clean the filter once a month! You can rinse the filter cartridge in used tank water, or dechlorinated tank water. If you have 2 or more filter cartridges, only rinse one ever month, then let the clean one re build the nitrifing bactieria 4-6 weeks before cleaning the other. You can add filter media to the filter to hold extra healthy bacteria to make it even safer to clean the filter when needed. Filter media could be purchased like bio balls, or chips, or you can use any chemical free sponge, craft felt, filter floss.

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  • 6 months ago

    how big is tank

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  • Edwena
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    You need a bigger or a second tank and a better (second) filter. Your problem seems to be that you are trying to fit the problem to your equipment instead of providing the equipment to resolve the problem. Check to see if the shark and goldfish are compatible. Generally, you never mix goldfish with any other fish, and even mixing variations is not good.

    • decif336 months agoReport

      Thank you, I'll speak to my local pet store employees again and see if they can reccomend anything. They told me that the fish I have are compatible but I am starting to rethink that.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Cheat by buying a minnow bucket, they are fairly inexpensive, they come with air pumps that are battery powered. Wash it when you first get home, use the water from the tank then add your fish. I suggest you get a catfish or two and Plecostomus Or Plecostomus that are bred to eat algae.

    If your tanks overgrowing that quickly and you get the green water you might be running a grow light which adds to the trouble or it’s getting too much direct sunlight. I had the same problem with my tanks in the south windows, green pea soup every 2 weeks.

    They do have medications that destroy the algae but all fish and plants must be out, your filters will clog with dead brown algae and you will need to break do n and clean the filters, set them up as new then run fo24 hours.

    Your fish and plants will be okay in a glass jar or plastic pail with a cover that lets in air drop a bubble stone and keep it hooked to your tank or get a different smell pump and run it that way alone from the tank.

    The chemical says it’s safe to keep the fish in the tank but I had a bad experience where my power went out two hours and everything died in the tank. I always remove my fish since then.

    You could try a couple black mollies for the algae control too, they love eating it and they can be with goldfish.

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