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why do I keep having dreams about my old school?

I moved schools more than a year ago, and I understand having dreams about that school within the first few months of moving, but now again recently I have been having dreams about the school and the students and about returning to the school again. I just don t understand why considering I don t miss it and rarely ever think about it these days. I have felt like I am in need of a fresh start though lately and this may be why I keep dreaming that I am returning back to the school in the present day, but I don t know.

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    Your dream is using your last school as a symbol. It is telling you to move on, just as you moved on from your former school. Think about it and ask for guidance before you remove yourself from a stable and happy Life.

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    You are probably experiencing a nostalgic dream. There might have been something about that school that specifically stuck with you through the years, because of your remarkable or amazing experiences while attending.

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    Dreams are manifestation of inner desires , surrounding events and past or present experiences which a person face or ignore . Past memorizes also creep in mind as dream while sleeping . Explore the meanings of ur dream in the context of ur state of mind before sleep

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    rnaybe cuase you rniss it rnore than you think you do

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    Maybe you miss you?

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