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Is it bad to drink a small can (11oz) of 4,5 procent alcohol with Energy drinks?

I KNOW you are not suppose to mix alchole with energy drinks like redbull or cider, but if it's small can of 4,5 procent of cider, does it make any difference?

I'm not a teenager or party person. My father just mistakes my cider for beer and I didn't want to waste it and drank it up. I've to do an all nighter due to bad sleep pattern which is the only the time I drink energy drinks, but hesitate whether to wait until later because I'm well aware of the energy drink/alcohol warnings.


I know people think monster/red bull (it's the larger can size ) is probably worst than alcohols, but I rarely drink them more than twice a week. I had insomnia issues before I started drinking them.

I don't normally use oz but I think 330ml can should be 11 oz.

Update 2:

the cider = energy drink was a typo. I meant the cider as alcohole, lol.

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    i wouldnt do it

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