How to download movies from Itunes?

I never did it before. I want to download Avengers Endgame (screenshot), there writing of pre-order on 30 July. Does it mean it will be accessed only in 30 July? Is that virtual version? I mean at 30 Jul I'll download a video file on my laptop for $ 20 or it will be DVD ordered to my address?


If I asked something stupid don't blame me, I just wonder

Update 2:

And yeah I forgot to add a screenshot... There is frim Avengers Endgame on Itunes page -

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  • 6 months ago
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    All iTunes purchases are digital only. You don't receive any physical items in the mail. The movie is expected to be available for pre-order on the 30th of July. You won't be able to watch the movie until it is actually released; I don't know exactly when, but I would assume sometime in mid-August.

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    6 months ago

    Yes. At this point you are pre-ordering it so once the day, July 30th in this case, reaches it would be yours to use.

    Yes, it is a digital version. All iTunes purchases are digital versions. No physical media.

    You don't have to download it also, could stream it but if you want it for offline use, then you download it.

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