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I'm 17 yo male don't want to be told off just advice on serious anger management issues, thanks?

I don't verbalize nor engage in any physical violence, then it's all bottled up and I end up "harming myself" (not physically).

My way (now) of getting it all out is stabbing a cotton bag we have in the backyard but I'm going nuts.

Are there anonymous anger management therapies in ND, U.S.?


If links provided I would be grateful :)

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    Anger does not appear at random, it is generally a symptom, a response to something that his happening somewhere else. You have to try to analyze what is producing it, so you can "disarm" it and not feel so helpless about it.

    You don't say what you're angry about, it could be that your life situation is objectively bad and there's a reason to be angry; maybe there's someone abusing you (and maybe they are doing it with a smile, hiding that they're committing the abuse)? Or is it more that you become very angry at small, irrelevant things? In that case perhaps you have a problem in other area of your life, you keep it in check, but then the steam comes out at other moments that seem out of a whim.

    I cannot recommend therapy as I don't know your area, but, in addition to looking for it if you think it can help, I would tell you to explore your feelings, try to get an "emotional vocabulary", so you can be more precise in describing (and describing to yourself) what you're going through. For example, try journaling. Write "today I feel angry about..." and keep going. Write your hunches, write what you think about things... When you reread that stuff after a while, it will feel "different", and you can learn a lot about yourself with this exercise. We should not make a taboo of anger, sometimes anger is necessary, and what we need to defend ourselves.

    Also, for all the retained energy, try physical activities that make you feel good. Are you into sports? Create a steady habit to sweat it out at the field. Are you into music? Get a drumkit and beat the crap out of it...

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