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Anyone has an email of Expedia.com in the US or Expedia group so that I can make a complaint? My story is below. Thank you for your help.?

I booked two-way airplane tickets (Cleveland to Hanoi,Vietnam) for my 5-member family through https://www.expedia.com/ back in April. The departure date is May 30 and return date is Jun 27. They charged my credit card and sent us the confirmation email. Everything looked good with Japan airline as the main carrier.

Two days before the traveling date, we called Japan airline trying to reserve a bassinet seat for our 9-month son and, out of nowhere, Japan airline told us that they don't see our names on those supposed departure flights.

We then called Expedia. They first blamed Japan airline and suggested us to call Japan airline again. After countless hours talking with both of them, we learned that it is Expedia fault: Expedia never "ticket" our departure flights! We have recorded much of our conversations with both of them.

Expedia has messed up our entire summer vacation. They caused us a lot of money and stress. I think they must be responsible for this.

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    It's now July.

    It appears you went on vacation.

    Did you have any trouble getting your ticket corrected? Or have any out of pocket money owed?

    If Japan Airlines took care of the issue without any problem, what is there to complain to Expedia for?

    Here is a page on expedia's website to "share your experiences. It took me about 30 seconds to find it. You could have spend a few minutes looking for it, instead of asking us for basic information.


    • Teng6 months agoReport

      Thanh you. Yes we went on vacation. It has nothing to do with Japan Airline. Expedia issued us a different departure flights with American Airlines, which was a few days after the supposed departure date. We had to rearrange the hotels and all the consequence. That is what I am complaining for.

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  • 6 months ago


    The best course of action is to follow the instruction to make a formal complaint and request a full refund. There is little point trying to reason with the booking team, as they are geared towards processing booking, and not resolving issue out of their control.

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  • 6 months ago

    Hi Rona,

    The problem is not about the airline seats and I DID NOT change the reservation. The problem is Expedia didn't issue us the departure flights. If we didn't call Japan airline trying to reserve a bassinet seat, we would waste our time going to the airport and then go home. Thanks for your reply though.

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    • DEBS
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      Even better, use the comment below the response your are commenting on. It is even more confusing to post replies to individuals by editing your question.

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  • 6 months ago

    Complain all you want.

    Japan Airlines plane will fly without you.

    What do you expect expedia to do? Charter a plane for you. Give you a free vacation.?


    As it is now JULY you either went on vacation or you did not.

    We have recorded much of our conversations with both of them. How nice you have a recording.

    You feel they are responsible that YOU did not verify your Airline seat and that YOU wanted to change your reservation.

    You had the baby at time of reservation. Was expedia computer supposed to guess your needs.?

    So sad you were stressed?

    How about a free Hotel night in Toledo? An around the world cruise?


    So sad you did not want to use a Human travel Agent to assist you.

    So sad you did not book directly with the Airline.

    Hire a lawyer and sue for something . You might win your case.

    Using a "?" at the end of sentence does not make a question.

    They have an email connection page.


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