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Do you still get a student loan if you are an international student but both countries are in the EU?

If an English citizen was to study as an international student in Germany, would fees cost less/ would you still be entitled to a student loan as if you were still in England, because both countries are in the EU? or is that not how it works?

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    If you have a Great British passport (there is no such thing as an 'English citizen') you will not be able to use a UK student loan to study in Germany but neither are you classified as an international student, you are an EU member country student until we leave the EU.

    You will be treated exactly as a German student would be treated and will be entitled to whatever tuition loans he gets. Generally however, higher education is free in Germany. You will not get a maintenance loan as these do not exist there. Students generally live at home or their parents fund their accommodation.

    How is your German?

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    UK student loan programs are solely for those citizens attending university in UK. Unlikely you can find any sort of loan if going abroad to school.

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    University is free in Germany. So you will not be charged.

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