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What pro wresters of all time would you say is the wrestling version of these martial arts action stars, of all time?

Bruce Lee- His strikes are too fast to see, even by today standards; always precise and very accurate; great footwork; can move around like a rabbit; peak human conditioning; perfect timing on his strikes; freakishly strong for his size; explosive; never loses focus; can jump extremely high; lethal strikes; versatile at fighting different opponents of different styles, and speed.

Jackie Chan- Great Agility with his acrobatics, jumping from one platform to the next no matter the distance or height, and can roll and flip as good as anyone; very creative and resourceful with weapons, the environment; can take tons of punishment, and you really have to kill him to beat him; very fast movement and striking; innovative, and knows so many moves and kicks; hits hard; and use to taking real hits from other action stars; adds in comedy; gives 100 percent; great performer; versatile at fighting different opponents of different speeds, and style; can manhandle grown men with his strength.

Jet Li- Extremely fluid(Especially if he is playing in a traditional Chinese movie, where the fights are pretty and acrobatic), great agility; lightning fast speed and reflexes; lethal kicks; very very fast movement.

Yuen Biao- Underrated talent; knows many moves; great cardio; The most acrobatic and agile martial artist I have seen, especially during his time; very fast striking and movement; hits hard; great performer. I don't know as much about him.

Scott Adkins- Ran out of space.


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    I have pretty much only one thing to say. Bruce Lee had only one thing important to say, that being to strike when the other is striking. Much of his technique was not defense. He was a preemptive strike guy. Bait and fade.

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