what does an electrolytic capacitor do in a mouse?


my mouse fell and an electrolytic capacitor came out but it still works fine, so do i need it?

Update 2:

ok sorry but i searched google to find out what it was i know nothing about circuitry(c-40+105 cheng is what i googled if it helps), its a shitty dollar store mouse i can't tell you the brand because i don't know it and i don't own a camera so i can't send a pic of my circuit board. did you have to hit my head that hard anon?

Update 3:

i just need to know if i need to get another shitty mouse or if i can keep using this one with no problems or is it gonna explode.

Update 4:

never mind it blew up i got my answer

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    7 months ago
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    *Knocks on Zztopandahalf's noggin* yep, it's hollow in there.

    If you know enough about circuitry to identify the different types of capacitors then you should know enough to realize no one can tell you what the capacitor on your particular mouse (which you didn't tell us) does without looking at the circuit board... and even then who would care enough to trace it and figure that out?

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