Can I rent an Airbnb/Hotel room at 17 if I turn 18 before the date I check in?

Hi all, I’m flying into Dallas in January to visit friends who live about 30 min north. However those friends live with their parents and I think the best thing for both me and them would be to get my own place to stay while I visit.

I’m 17 and I already bought a flight with Delta (you only need to be 16 to travel alone). However, I want to book a hotel as early as possible and I won’t be 18 until October. I’ll be in college and will probably be busy with midterms so I probably won’t be able to book soon after I turn 18 either.

Is it possible to book an Airbnb/Hotel room while I’m still 17 or will I have to wait until I’m 18? I want to book as early as possible and if I can now I’d love to. Thanks for any input and advice.

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  • MS
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    1 year ago
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    Technically, you aren't supposed to because you cannot enter into a contract at 17. And you will be 17 when you make the booking and agree to the terms. You might get by with it though.

  • 1 year ago

    You need to be 18 to make the booking (legally)

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Contact friggin Airbnb.

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