Can someone answer my questions about Stranger Things?

Pls dont spoil past ep 5 season 3 I havent finished it yet! I understand each piece separately but how does it all connect? So El is the result of tests done on babies that gave them powers. And the upside down has been the subject of govt tests to open it. But why does El have a connection to the upside down? Why can she close it? Do the other mutant kids have a connection to the upside down? Was she made to open the upside down?if so, How did her "Father" know that testing on fetuses would help him access upside down?

Bonus question how does the upside down work? It has the same cars and buildings as normal world, but when those cars move the ones in upside down obvs dont move. So what's the rule? If upside down is a reflection, how does it react to changes in normal world? When a normal building is demolished will its upside down counterpart crumble?

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    El's mother was a subject of MK ultra, a government experimentation where they tried brain control (this was a real thing) as a result she had a baby with powers, El's powers are psychokinesis and Astral projection, her power of astral projection allows her to see people in different places, including the upside down, and her power of psychokinesis allowed her to open, and close, the door to the upside down, the only other person who was a child of MK Ultra, in Stranger things, is 8, she only has the power to project hallucinations as far as we know, so it seems like El is the only one who has these powers, at least the only one we know of,

    it seems that they stumbled upon the upside down when El was astral projecting once when they had her spying on someone (presumably a Russian agent). Since then they tried to get El to explore the upside down to see if they could somehow use it as a weapon. El accidentally opened the gate when she got scared while projecting.

    the upside down is a shadow universe, one which is an alternate universe of our own, this means that our universe and the upside down share a lot of similarities but have differences, including possible differences in properties, if you ever played D&D this is like the Veil of Shadows, and is even compared to it in the show

    In the Multiverse theory of multiple universes there can be two, or more, universes occupying the same space, this seems to me to be the type of multiple universe they at trying to show with the upside down, our universe and the upside down seem to occupy the same space but most of the time things do not bleed over from one to the other, it took El opening the "gate" to allow this to happen, I hope that helps

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      That's actually SO helpful.

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    STOP STOP STOP...I'm only on S1E5, you're spoiling it for me. I don't even know what 011 means yet.

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    I haven't started season 3 yet, but I'll see if I can answer based on my knowledge of 1 and 2.

    El has a connection to the Upside down because she was the first person to come into contact with it when she saw the Demigorgon in the dream circle. Her specific abilities allow her to be able to see it and to interact with it (close it). It is unknown if any other kids have that power, the only other one we've met up through season 2 has been 8, and her powers were completely different. El was not made to access the Upside Down, it was an accident that the government took advantage of. When El's powers were discovered, she was raised to be a spy basically, to spy on Russians (or other enemies) from a distance (based on the real life events known as the Stargate Project).

    The upside down seems to be a reflection of the real world at the moment the gate was opened. Changes in the real world after that point don't seem to be reflected in the Upside Down. But I could be wrong on that score.

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      Ah thinking the upside down is a reflection from when the gate was opened is brilliant!!!

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