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Has anyone been told their sinus or allergy condition can never be cured?

Since February of this year I have had swelling in my nose. I've had this before, so I went to the eye ear & nose Dr, I've gone to before. He gave me the same rounds of medication, and suggested I go see an allergist. I went to see an allergist & he looked up my nose & said he didn't feel I had a sinus infection or any allergies. He gave me a different type of medication to apply in my nose. The pain went away in about three weeks & I was so happy. THEN it returned & it's now been another two months of dealing with this daily. I went to my regular MD & he gave me a Zpak, it got a little bit better but never gone. The pain in the roof of mouth really bothers me. I just got back from the original eye ear & nose Dr. & he announced to me I will just have to live with this & there's nothing I can do. I said then I guess I'll have to commit suicide because I don't want to live like this. He didn't care, gave me some kind of nose spray & something to take at night and said good bye.

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    Common issue, and he is right, there are a limited amount of meds, a limited combination that one can take to help alleviate the issues. Best to figure out what works best for you and use it faithfully. Diet, sleep, exercises, over all health also play a role, but they too are limited. Our bodies also change over times so things can get better, they can also get worse. You are not alone in your suffering but most, will not understand how bad it can really be.

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    Just drink some rum. Rum fixes everything.

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