Are letters with a change in job description legal? Please see within....?


i currently work for a hotel as a linen porter. I am contracted to 20 hours a week. There are two other staff in this department who are 0-hour contracts. Our boss is pretty much doing all she can to lower the 0 hours staff leaving me to do the bulk of the work. She claimed lack of hours, but head office said otherwise - they know nothing of the so called lack of hours.

My boss is now not having any porter working Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, she is trying to get the housekeeping ladies to do the job - she has given letters to all the ladies asking them to sign it to confirm they will do the job. Is that legal? Can the ladies refuse to sign? Will they lose their job if they don't sign? Where do they stand legally?

Update: The 'letters' are not so much letters, more along the lines of new contracts yet it doesn't say the word 'contract' on them - "Work instruction sheet" with the addition of porter duties for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They have NOT come from HO. They were told they have an hour to sign them in. Some signed, most didn't.


Edit: I'm currently in UK.

My contract is for 20 hours per week, so far I'm not affected by what's going on in a direct way - other than work load is a little heavier as I'm doing the work of 2-3 men when I'm on my own. This is pretty much about the other two men in my department and the chambermaids.

I have now been informed that most of the chambermaids DID sign this 'letter' as the head of their department was telling them if they didn't sign it they will get fired.

Update 2:

Another update - i have been informed that as its like a contract, it will need 60 days notice for staff to sign before it comes into effect - is this true?

Also, one of the chambermaids who was off today found out about what is going on, she hasnt signed but did contact HO about it - again HO know nothing about it, didnt give any go-ahead for it to be done, so are investigating it.

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  • lucy
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    6 months ago

    The UK, (unlike) the US has contracts. My "guess" is that they can require the employees to do more or different work to save money by (not) paying for other employees to do the work. The key is that they are trying to cut hours or save money.

    Unless your contracts state they can't change your duties or can't ask you to do other jobs, then if you sign or not, they (might) be able to fire you. So the key is in the contract, the reasons that your employer can let you go and if by changing the duties (without) you agreeing to it, then they can't?

    Don't you have ACAS? Why not contact them if legal or not.

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  • 6 months ago

    Yes, they can expand job duties legally...which is why they had then sign. Anyone can refuse a job change...but they would likely lose their job as a result.

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  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    Yes they are legal, it does not have to say contract. Your boss is running the hotel for your employers. She has most probably been told to save money.


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    • Reminds me of school letters when going on a trip, list of stuff needed and signing permission lol a blanket letter - arent contracts supposed to be personalized with staff names on each of them?

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  • 6 months ago

    You have a contract for part time work? I wonder what country you live in. Of course management will always try to get more work out of employees.

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