My macbook air keeps on saying theres no battery?

I bought a replacement battery fo my mac book air about 3 months ago cause the computer was telling me to replace the current one that i had. Now after about three months the computer isn't even recognizing that there is a battery installed. I double checked if its the right battery for my system and it is. Could the problem be deeper than my battery? Sometimes it will work sometimes it wont unless its plugged in. Please give me some insight, thank you.

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  • Dick
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    7 months ago
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    The thing you are not considering is a bad charger. It's easy to check since the output in volts and amps is written right on the label of the charger. If you have someone who knows how to use a multimeter you can easily measure these parameters. If you don't then simply go on and do a search for a "replacement" for laptop charger model XXXXX (your model number). You will find them easily at a reasonable price. The manufacturers such as Dell, HP, etc. charge far to much for their new chargers. Good luck. Hope this helps.

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  • 7 months ago

    If you’ve ever had a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro’s battery disappear at random it can be a disconcerting feeling. This is often accompanied with the battery menu having an “X” through it and saying “No Batteries Available”, a very sluggish Mac, and even after a reboot or not the Mac will often have fans running at full speed despite nothing unusual showing up in Activity Monitor. To top it off, the MagSafe charger light typically is not lighting up, and the computer won’t even sleep. Uh oh, something is terribly wrong, right? Well, sort of – but don’t worry, this is all related and it’s a peace of cake to fix.

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