Is my surge protector causing my PC to shut off?

Recently my PC has been randomly restarting itself for seemingly no reason. The computer isn t even a year old so I find it unlikely that it s a hardware issue. Recently when it restarted itself, I noticed that my monitor also turned off. I went to check my surge protector (it s and old one my friend gave me), and when I went to switch the plugs, the ones my PC and monitor were plugged into sparked way more than usual. While the other ones didn t spark at all.

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  • 7 months ago
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    Surge protectors are cheap, go get a new one. If nothing else, just remove the surge protector from the equation by plugging your PC directly into the wall. If both the PC and monitor are turning off it's a power problem.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    You're supposed to replace your surge protector once a year.

    If you're seeing sparks coming from your outlet then that needs to be replaced too.

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  • 7 months ago

    Surge protectors only cost about $7 at the dollar store so go replace it if you think that's the problem then after that issue is out of the way if you still have the issue you can give me a call at the Statesboro PC Doctor and I'll help you trace it down after you replace the surge arrester run Malwarebytes and get rid of all your malware and get CC cleaner and use it to remove everything that's on the startup list except your antivirus and the word persistence you probably got a whole crapload of programs running in the background and the defragmenting tool can be set automatically shut your computer off after it runs this is the case in a lot of people's problems and they don't even know this that after the defragmentation tool runs automatically it shuts off your computer seemingly quite random that's an issue that you can explore by opening up your defragmentation tool and your antivirus and make sure the box to shut down isn't checked.

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