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Has anyone here received surprise bills for an emergency room visit?

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    I have only had one "surprise" bill ever. Going to an ER means you will be charged for the ER visit, charged separately for any x-rays, probably charged separately for the ER doc (they tend to subcontract out doctor coverage) and then, possibly, a charge for any pharmaceuticals or extra care. My surprise bill was not an ER charge but for a hospital stay - I was due to have staples out after an operation - the night before, the resident was bored and asked if I wanted half of them removed (supposedly for more comfort). Figuring sure, why not, I said yes. I then got a bill for a "surgical" charge (removing the staples). Had I waited 10 hours for my regular doctor to make rounds, all the staples would have been removed (as part of his overall charge) with no charges. Live and learn.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Probably a scam attempt or make sure its not identity theft. If it has your name on it, I would call the hospital, but not the number on the bill. Look up the number online and call them to tell them you have never been there.

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      They OBVIOUSLY know it was me brought to the emergency room.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Nope, I am moving to the best country in the world before that happens. They have socialized healthcare there unlike the greed cesspool that is the usa.

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      I don't eat hamburgers or cut my hair, so there's that. Have fun being an as­shole the rest of your life! My life is going to be so great when I finally get away from arrogant diabetic scumbag fa­ggots like you

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