Piano repertoire advice for audition?

I am a piano student in going to my final year of undergraduate. I am planning to apply for a Master's degree next year. Looking at the audition requirements I am still unsure what works best for the baroque Bach requirement and classical sonata. I have Bach WTC II in E minor in my repertoire, for classical I have Beethoven's D Major Pastorale and Mozart K570, do you think those are good for auditions? They are in pretty good condition, just need final repolishing before I am actually performing them. Last time my teacher suggested me to learn Les Adieux sonata, but I'm only halfway to that one. For romantic and 20th/21st century I'm pretty confident as I have more of those, like Prokofiev sonata 7, one of Chopin Polonaise, Alkan Etudes, etc which are in very good condition as I got very high marks for them in my last recital. Also, what are audition panels in major music school actually looking for for postgraduate level?

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  • 6 months ago

    You need to thrash this out with your teacher. Your post is really vague, and you do not seem to be getting the support you need. And with this little info about you, it is very difficult for any of us with the credentials you seek - and more - to know if you are a decent candidate for acceptance. Good luck - but I do not think we can realistically assist you here.

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