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Is there an urgent Emergency for combating Climate change because it's been endangering the planet for billions of years?

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    No, just plant forest & build vertical forest. There should be a 5-7 acre forest park with an acre or 2 acre wide farmlands surrounding it every 10 miles radius at 4 points of the Compass in urban & sub-urban cities.

    Most deforested areas (75 percent) have been converted for human use (farm, villages, towns, cities, stadiums, golf course..). Degraded areas that's become a baron desert is possible to terraform again. China has done it in the Loess Plateau for 4 decades by preventing the sand from shifting with the wind using checkered straw (sticks or grass straws) buried halfway and planting saplings with barriers that retains water. Significant success at the Loess Plateau dub the great green wall to hold back the growing desert in inner-Mongolia inspired Africa to start with their own Great Green wall to hold back the Sahara desert's expansion couple of years ago. CO2 levels are helping since CO2 is plant food.

    The U.S. & Mexico needs a 3-5 mile wide Great Green wall on both side of the border. The border towns & homes at the vicinity of the border wall needs to be relocated 3-5 miles away from the border on both side. Let the Great Green Wall of America be a wild life sanctuary for indigenous Wildlife such as the Ocelot, Bobcat, Jaguar, Mexican Crocodiles, Buffalos, Foghorns, Elk, California Grizzly & Mexican Brown Bear.

    Baron Plateau turns into Lush Land

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    Woman plants 200,000 trees over 37year on the Loess Plateau

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    Ecosystem Base Adaptation

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    Lessons from the Loess Plateau

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    they missed earth science class

  • Ron
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    5 months ago

    And why isn't the left not driving vehicles, flying in planes when they know they are causing their own problem with fake man made climate change

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    The climate has always changed.

    The climate has not always been changed by humans.

    The climate has almost never changed as suddenly as it currently is.

    Humanity has never been in a position where we can *choose* whether or not to change the climate.

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  • The Earth is only 6000 years old, dummy

  • Chris
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    5 months ago

    Any chance to raise taxes, control people and whine all at the same time is urgent for libbies.

    • Mordent
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      Whereas dominating people's lives through corporate inaction is FINE. It's just bad if it's gubmint (i.e we the people) that says 'how about you don't ruin everything forever'.

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