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How exactly is the second cousin of your great, great, great grandparent related to you?

What cousin how many times removed? I've looked at charts to find the answer but they're too confusing.

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    2nd cousin (2C) and great, great, great grandparent = 2nd cousins

    2C and great, great grandparent = 2nd cousins once removed

    2C and great grandparent = 2nd cousins twice removed

    2C and grandparent = 2nd cousins 3 times removed

    2C and parent = 2nd cousins 4 times removed

    2C and you = 2nd cousins 5 times removed

    "Thrice" is a word, but it is so little used and sounds so much like "twice" that it is clearer to say "3 times".

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  • Sharon
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    7 months ago

    2nd cuz of grandparent is your 2nd cuz twice removed. Just add a removed for each great, so 2nd cuz 5X removed.

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  • 7 months ago

    Nothing in this forum will be clearer than charts you looked at.

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  • keerok
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    7 months ago

    From where I am, you're simply related. That's all there is to it. You can spend nights with relatives trying to trace your lineage and you can be successful doing so especially if records exist. That may be up to more than 12 levels of consanguinity.

    In short, related, if you're talking about lineage but not even close when applying for a marriage license.

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