Can a flash drive hold downloaded games and software?

I am wondering if it is easy to transfer downloaded software from one computer (or device) to another for the purpose of being able to use it.

₍ᵦₒₙᵤₛ ᵩᵤₑₛₜᵢₒₙ: 𝓌ₕᵧ 𝒹ₒₙₜ ᵥᵢ𝒹ₑₒ𝓰ₐₘₑ 𝒸ₒₘₚₐₙᵢₑₛ ⱼᵤₛₜ 𝒹ₒ 𝒻ₗₐₛₕ 𝒹ᵣᵢᵥₑₛ?₎
Update: Im talkin THE SOFTWARE plugged in, storable onto the newer computer without any need for an installer. Just playable right there.
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